Mærkelige danske ord københavn sauna club review

mærkelige danske ord københavn sauna club review

Venteområdet er det, man ser på et af billederne fra hjemmesiden, hvor der er en bar. The dining room, the ambiance, the level of service, the timing and the character of the place, its kitchen and the front of house staff. The quality of the food served was generally very high with some dishes bordering on exceptional and a few falling surprisingly short of impressive and seeming more like a statement, concept or show piece

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than an actual delightful dish. A potent, herbal concoction that seemed more like a cup of tea than anything else. Leaving me, essentially, fending for myself in somewhat uncertain territory.

mærkelige danske ord københavn sauna club review

Actually, just the day before my visit to Noma, I ran into Denmarks premiere wine blogger and all out good guy Frederik Kreutzer at a private master class and he quickly reminded me of his slightly luke-warm take on the wine, adding in his own. Noma obviously picked their wines for very specific reasons and from a firm set of criteria but unlike the food, the waiters came somewhat short in conveying their intensions and reasons. This pride and dedication has over the course of the last 13 years built a sort of creative hive-mind at the old warehouse at the dock in Copenhagen. Yet, ironically, at the very same time seemingly very simple, fresh and clean in its expressions. Was Noma worthy of all the hype it received? The pit of the plums played an interesting part in adding an Amaretto-like note to the dish. Ind kommer en kvinde (slut 30'erne tror jeg) og præsenterer sig, men jeg når slet ikke at fange navnet. Dinner at Noma was in no way a straight-forward or easy to digest experience, but fuck me was it special! Onion and lavender a study in simplicity and perfect combination of rich, sweet and floral flavors with a light smokiness to break the monotony. Apologize to these fine gentlemen at once!

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