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Huset-KBH Rådhusstræde 13 1466 København K Huset in Magstræde is the first youth house in Copenhagen. 6, ink on paper, cm, 2007 31 Milky Drops, cm, acrylic and oil on canvas, 2007 Inside the Doorman, cm, oil on canvas, Poppy Night, cm, oil on canvas, 33 Green Terror, cm, oil on canvas, 34 Step Right Up!, cm, oil on canvas, 2007. What also comes to mind here are associations with Honoré Daumier, the Michelangelo of

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caricatureportraiture, especially when you look for example at Nørgård s portrait of art collector and curator John Hunov and his wife, Birte Inge Christensen, posing in Adam and Eve costumes. He will go to any lengths to avoid polluting the environment. It s something like throwing a bucket of paint against the wall. These parts of the paintings are strange and mysterious but they are also very beautiful. Vega contains: Lille Vega capacity: 500 people, store Vega capacity: 1500 people, ideal Bar capacity: 250 people. Sometimes I am deliberately using materials that do not form chemical bonds. Today, we re living very spread out from each other and we only see each other at festive occasions like birthdays, weddings and baptisms.

But while some of my paintings have basically formed their own emergence from the outset, I ve really had to grind tooth and nail to get others to succeed. Blue Ocean Music Hall presents musicians in a wide range of genres, from rock and R B, to jazz and country. Reggae Sunday at SurfSide w/ Java Jukebox, dJ Host Green Lion Crew, sunday, July 1 5PM more info Freddie McGregor. And when I m working with square-shaped pictures and this is often the case I am always trying to remove the center from the middle of the canvas. In contrast to Claus Carstensen and Peter Bonde, who were preaching back in the 1980s that the individual artwork does not have any autonomous meaning, I sincerely believe that it does.

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Part of call girls denmark odense escort the old rock audience disappeared, but a younger and more clubbing- minded audience welcomed the venue with open arms. The experiment continues from one painting to the next, in the manner of thai sex københavn fetish noveller an extended chain reaction. The atmosphere from the old pumping station has been retained, which gives the venue its spot on, rough rock feel. The creative house, which opened at the beginning of the 70ties, contains several stages of which the most popular is Musikcaféen on the second floor. To a question put before him about when his paintings are thai escort dk moden dansk sex finished and ready, he retorts: When you can feel it in your belly. Vega is, both in terms of acoustics and audience facilities, an incredibly successful music venue and among the best in Europe. Rust has a small, but great stage for smaller concerts and an excellent administration that books an exciting and varied program of rock, pop, soul, electronic, and hip hop. Loppen, sydområdet 4B, 1 1440 København K, rust began in the aftermath of the political movement, Next Stop Soviet, from the mid-eighties. And as soon as I know my own form and my own technique, I lose interest. In contrast to many people of his generation who attended the Royal Danish Academy of Art in the 1980s, Lars Nørgård never operated with a theoretical meta-plan. For this purpose, I switch back and forth between cold and warm colors. But this is not tantamount to saying that the act of painting is therapy for. Accordingly, he started to paint pictures that he did not know beforehand: paintings that operated in the manner of a research process and which provided room call girls denmark odense escort for experimentation. But in my new paintings, I am hurling the colors on the canvas and the brush is only sparingly employed. Certainly and very much so! What does this mind look like, we versohl mir den hintern sybian ausleihen might ask this mind that generates dullard sailors, chickens with shark fins, wandering globes and Christmas trees fashioned by fish skeletons? 15, ink on paper, cm, 67 Spy Bikini, cm, oil on canvas, 68 Rain and Sleep. Lars Nørgård has just finished a number of new paintings and just laid the finishing touches on a suite of drawings for exhibitions that will be held in the autumn of What we have here is a long queue of happy accidents that follow one. All the while, the canvas lays down a gauntlet before the artist to adopt new points of view and to put new methods into use. For this reason, working with these paintings is an enormously intense process.

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Especially Copenhagens music milieu liked hanging out at Rust. Dark wooden panels, mahogany floors, friezes as well as a number of original details, which survived the restoration, make Vega an example of Scandinavian architecture as well as a music venue. Either it comes to be beautiful or else it turns out ugly. One reads the title right into the picture and tries to make sense out of the painted chaos, even if the interpreter will often have to throw in the towel. In contrast to sculpture, film or music, realms of expression that can also contain these experiences of infinitude, painting does not require being transacted by a large number of participants. On a visit to his home country in 1981 he made the decision to stay, a determination that was influenced by an encounter with some colleagues of his generation who were busy working at the renowned Værkstedet Værst, an artistic nesting box located on Rosenørns. These humorous and allegorical generation portraits served to document the life going on in the artists colony, for better or worse in a way that can be compared with the somewhat older German artist Jörg Immendorff s caricatured culture-critical generation portraits, as seen in Immendorff. When I look at this picture Lars Nørgård points toward one of the larger paintings in the studio, I suddenly come to discover something I ve never seen before in spite of the fact that I painted it myself. From the moment he opens his eyes in the morning he can tell whether or not this day is going to be a good one for making drawings. A rather complicated painting calls for a rather elaborate 10 11 7 and time-consuming process.

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